Repossession Software from Cleardata

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Computer Technology

Laptops are installed in every recovery vehicllaptop_towtruck_repoe to facilitate faster updates and keep you, the customer, in the loop at all times. Documents can quickly be sent to any of our recovery specialists at all times.

GPS Tracking

gps_satellite_for_carsOur fleet of late model recovery vehicles is outfitted with GPS technology. We are capable of tracking every piece of collateral during recovery at any time anywhere.

RDN - Recovery Database Network

drn_digital_recovery_database_networkRDN allows us to fully automate the recovery process for our clients.

All information is updated in real time and changes to the assignment are emailed every time there is a change. RDN allows us to communicate with our clients flawlessly and efficiently.

Logon to RDN now to start or check on an assignment.