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DRN - Digital Recognition Network

We may all ready know where your collateral is!

drn_license_plate_recognition_cameraOur latest weapon in recovery is the DRN License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera system and database. The vehicles in our fleet have been outfitted with cameras that scan license plates on a daily basis. We scan thousands of plates per day allowing us to locate collateral faster and more efficiently than ever before.

More about DRN from their website:

"Digital Recognition Network is the only asset location company that combines proprietary license plate recognition (LPR) technology, a national network of LPR camera-equipped vehicles, and integration with repossession software companies to create an asset location solution designed specifically for automotive lenders and recovery professionals. DRN's LPR2.0/Locate, Pickup, Real-Time platform further establishes DRN as the undisputed leader in asset location technology and services. DRN currently has contracts in place with 36 of the top 100 automotive lenders, who collectively represent 69% of the total volume of automotive loans underwritten in the United States.

With a national network of more than 440 recovery professionals ("Affiliates") operating 1,800 cameras covering all of the major metropolitan areas 24/7, DRN is increasing recovery rates and reducing risk for lenders and repossession professionals all over the United States. To date, DRN's Affiliate network has scanned over 300 million plates and consistently scans in excess of 1 million plates per day."